Revealing an Africa You Wish You Knew -The Men behind Ochulo

Vibrant landscapes, ecological diversity and people so full of culture, tradition, and national pride, that they exude the very essence of this place they call home. The place where it all began, Africa.

But Africa has for a long time been portrayed as a continent riddled with continuous woes and somewhat dependent on foreign aid.

For the most part, the rest of the world has largely seen Africa through this false prism. A prism that has relegated perceptions of this continent to false narratives.

Imagine one platform that offers travel services, fashion, lifestyle services and value-added products made in Africa, by Africans for Africans and the rest of the world. Imagine the ease in exploring and getting the best of Africa from anywhere in the world. That platform is the Ochulo Group (in the Nigerian language Igbo, it means “Coming from The Source”), which was started by two passionate Africans that are driven by a desire to change the false narrative the world has of Africa and the wish to exalt her as she deserves.

While studying at Howard University and working in the United States, Joe-Philip Nzewunwah and Nwaji Jibunoh saw the misrepresentation and false narrative Africa had outside of its borders.
They share a common bond of their keen pride in their African heritage and this created a need to take ownership of discrediting the current narrative, creating a positive consciousness, and showcasing what Africa really is and has to offer. This passion and idea motivated them to leave the United States and return to Nigeria to create the Ochulo Group.

The resurgence of the new African renaissance is upon us and Ochulo promises to take you back in time while also bringing you up to speed on where Africa is today while building cultural bridges with those who want a genuine experience and celebrating our unique human experiences.

Joe Philip and Nwaji’s goal is to tell the true story of Africa through a platform that gives fashion and lifestyle entrepreneurs on the continent the opportunity to present to the world their amazing craft and talents. Their collection of crafts are reminiscent of Africa’s cultural evolution. From hand-made leather bags from Uganda to carefully carved clay pots from Western Nigeria to intricately woven textiles from Cote d’Ivoire, Ochulo recognizes the diverse talents that enrich the continent.

Ochulo also wants the world to experience the vast beauty and diversity of the continent through travel and tourism. Africa isn’t one big country, it’s different countries with diverse cultures, warm people, rich traditions, and glorious natural scenery. When non-Africans think about holidays in Africa, only Safaris comes to mind but Ochulo highlights other attractions that are often overlooked such as; The Obudu Ranch Resort in Nigeria, The hospitable Maasai tribesmen of northern Tanzania, The surfing tides of Morocco beach, Desert Springs in Mozambique, The sand dunes of the Sahara Desert, The white beaches of Zanzibar, Bungee jumping over the breathtaking Victoria Falls, The snowcapped Mountain Kilimanjaro, The slave ports in Elmina Castle in Ghana and Goree Island in Senegal where tens of millions of Africans were taken to the Caribbean and America, The pyramids of Gaza, and other travel destinations.
Ochulo provides a travel experience like no other.

Joe-Philip and Nwaji’s hope is to see the people of the continent fully represented on the global stage and they are going to do this one fashion item, one travel destination, and one piece of art at a time.

Africa is not rising as many people think; great civilizations rose from “The Source”. Africa is on the cusp of a rebirth, and Ochulo promises to take you back in time while also bringing you up to speed, build cultural bridges, and celebrate our unique human experiences. Bring your family, your loved ones, your travel companions to join us in this scintillating cultural adventure as we take you through the landscapes that once inhabited great kings and queens!

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