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DamageBeGone Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment – 13oz


Product Description

This product is ideal for both natural and chemically processed hair. It is a great multi-use product that addresses the following conditions:

  • Great remedy for damaged, dry and brittle hair. We guarantee that you notice a reversal in the look & feel of your hair after just two uses!
  • Perfect dry hair and dry scalp – our churned blend goes a long way to add much-needed moisture to parched and thirsty hair, which is very typical of most African hair types.
  • Deeply moisturizes to soften, moisturize and give hair a refreshed lustre and shine
  • Great for use to deep condition hair before braiding or putting cornrows or fixing a weave.
  • This product is also great for younger Oloris who wear their hair braided or plaited regularly.
  • This product is also a great detangler for use when taking out braids
  • This product is designed to bring out the Olori in your hair!

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