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Finding out that you have a clothing item with a lost button or a broken zipper can ruin anyone's outfit plans. The secret to managing these fashion catastrophes is just having the right knowledge and know-how. Take a look at

Over the years, we have witnessed some crazy, artistic and iconic moments and eras in the fashion industry. A lot of these moments either helped to create trends, gave inspiration to fashion designers, or just left a permanent stamp in

Fashion is a major part of our daily lives. Today, fashion is a lot more than runways, or pretty shoes and dresses. There’s a lot we're yet to learn and discover. Ochulo has got you covered as we bring you

The concept of daring to go, experiencing new things and cultures is something we’re constantly interested in. This summer, escape to a fantasy holiday destination that is all too well known, ZANZIBAR     Off the coast of Tanzania, Zanzibar is the quintessential exotic destination

Yes, first of all, as far as we’re concerned, it’s still Summer until we say it’s not. Skirts are everything, seriously. They are quintessential. They just may be the girl-iest item of clothing every woman owns.     Whether they are floral, or severe,