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There’s recently been a huge surge in the search for authentic African designs and pieces. The fashion industry is currently all about the motherland, and a prime example is the Buy Nigerian to Raise the Naira campaign, started by our

There’s always that “it” fashion trend that everyone seems to love and cant get enough of. Take skinny jeans or crop tops for example. If you didn’t own one, it was a fashion deal breaker. Now it’s all about shoulders!

Don’t think we forgot you tech lovers. Because everyone needs something to make life a little easier and less stressful.  Take a look at our new arrivals in lifestyle and technology DVD Players: Contrary to popular belief, there are people who still

"Athleisure", just like the name implies, is wearing workout/gym clothes not for the purpose of working out, but for casual wear. The athleisure fashion trend is one that has been spotted on celebrities and otherwise for a long time. Checkout