How to Wear Bold Colours Like a Pro

Do you ever look into your wardrobe and realise, once again, that all the clothes you own are black, white, grey, neutrals, and more black? Rest assured you’re not alone. A lot of people are afraid or unsure of how to introduce colour into their outfits, they can’t figure out what shades go well together or how to style them. Wearing bold colours can literally transform your mood, energy and have you exuding confidence when done right.

The thought of wearing bright colours no longer has to fill you with terror and trepidation. It is time for you to step out of the comfort zone of safe colours and, dive headfirst into bubbly shades and accents. To do so, we have compiled some tips and tricks on how to confidently and unapologetically rock the boldest hues — and brighten up your wardrobe with vibrant shades of green, red, blue, yellow, and more.

Try Monochromatic

If you’re terrified of wearing or matching different bold colours at once, start with one colour, and pile it on — the more clashing the better.  Pick a colour — say red — and wear only it from head to toe. Or wear one colour but in different shades and tones. The trick to monochromatic is to pair lighter and darker variations of one colour because they blend perfectly. You can also experiment with different textures to give your look depth and make it more rounded. You can try pairing silk and suede, denim and wool, chiffon and leather.

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Wear Flashy Neutrals With Colour

Forget brown, grey, beige, black, pastels, and other neutral colours you know, and embrace metallics. Metallics like gold and silver are neutrals too and can help brighten your outfit without doing too much. Grab a shiny metallic top, dress, skirt or pants and pair it with a bold pop of colour to create an eye-catching ensemble.


Stick to Primary Colours

The safest way to get started with wearing bold colours like they were meant to be worn is to start by mixing the primary colours, which are red, blue, and yellow. You can wear one colour as the top and another on the bottom, or incorporate all into your outfit as shown below.


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Pay Attention to The Colour Wheel

You probably remember the colour wheel from fine art classes in elementary school, luckily it didn’t stop being useful after that. The colour wheel is your cheat code for mastering how to rock bold colours. The wheel is a circle containing all the colours of the rainbow. The open secret is that colours on opposite sides of the wheel go well together.


For inspiration, take notice of how these models mix and match the colours of their outfit.

Choose Analogous Shades

Still on the colour wheel, try mixing colours that are side-by-side for a perfect vibrant match. Don’t doubt the science, colours that are close to each other on the wheel have proven to be aesthetically pleasing when paired together. Blue and green, for instance, flow effortlessly when paired together.

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