8 Beautiful Date Ideas to Get Your Romance Going

With Valentine’s day almost here, the familiar pressure of figuring out what to do, and how to surprise your partner in an utterly romantic way is rearing up again. It’s always wonderful spending time with the person you love, and throwing in some date time excursions can help make these moments more memorable. We all love little things and places that help us bond more closely with our partners. We have rounded up 10 beautiful date night ideas that you will both find absolutely enjoyable on any day.

Sunset Watching


People forget about nature when planning a great date experience. There are a few things that can compete with going for a serene walk along the beach, hand in hand, breathing in the warm evening air. All you need is mat, some wine, snacks to munch on, and a playlist with both your favorite songs. After your walk, you can dip your feet in the water, lay down next to each other, watch the sun stain the sky orange, and talk about everything.

Movie Revival

Going to the cinema to see a movie for a date might be too mainstream, and seeing one at home might fit too comfortably in your normal routine. A drive through movie is the perfect twist. Preferably, find one showing old movies from the 70s through 90s. Watch, laugh, cry, share popcorn and drinks, and just revel in that moment together late into the night.

Night Out With the Stars

Everyone loves music and, assuming you and your partner are normal people, then you do too, which is what makes this a perfect date. Go see a concert by any musician that one or both of you love. You’ll always cherish the look of glee and wonder on your partner’s face as one of their favorites belts out lyrics of songs they enjoy and have lived whole lives inside of. What is more romantic than that?

Cooking Experiments

Pick a country and choose one of their traditional meals that you both haven’t eaten or even heard about before, go shopping for the ingredients you need, then go home and attempt to prepare it together. The whole idea is to enjoy making a mess of things. Make small talk and laugh about your culinary outcome. Tease each other with tasty morsels, and then clean up together afterward.

Art Gazing

Galleries don’t get a lot of action on the dating circuit, but it’s a great place to have fun while picking each other’s brains. You don’t have to be an art historian to analyze art. Stroll around, observe and try to come up with opinions on the pieces you see and listen to the other person’s views as well. If you’re one for PDA, then kiss while the art looks on.

Dance with Somebody

Step out of your comfort zone, book a class at a dance school or studio. This is a perfect idea if you’re both not-so-good dancers. Stepping on each other’s toes and making awkward movements will make you laugh and feel more connected. Later on, you can put on your own private dance sessions while you cheer or roast each other.

Fine Dining

There is a reason this classic never goes out of style – it’s a guaranteed hit. Dress up, get your partner to dress up, and go to a fancy place where the menu is full of things you can hardly pronounce. Complain about how fancy and expensive everything is, enjoy fine dining with all the rules and etiquettes, share dessert, ask each other basic questions, and bask in the glow of good company.

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